New beginnings - a great place to start

“Communication is the foundation of work - anywhere and everywhere - especially in the executive suite - the optimal place to maximise communication is at Toastmasters”
Frances Kazan (mba) Executive Coach , DTM

We always welcome guests. Anyone wishing to come and find out more is always welcome. Call or email or just turn up at 18h15 at our meeting venue.

Stand by me

One of the hallmarks of Toastmasters International is the support that is available to members. Members are offered mentorship and are free to ask any other Toastmasters for assistance. Toastmasters are always keen to offer assistance and advice. We know that the real learning comes through the doing of a project, not through the information that makes the project possible.

Welcome to new members

We are excited to welcome two new members to our club.

It is gratifying when someone takes the step to begin a journey in Toastmasters. Those of us who have been members for 10 years and longer know the wealth of experience that Toastmasters offers to anyone wishing to make use of opportunities. The experience can directly benefit the member's career or business as this experience translates directly to the business world.

Be the change

No one is going to change our world for us. It is up to us to be that change that we wish to see. There are a few key skills that will assist everyone in being the leader in their own world. These skills have been the fundamental success of Toastmasters International for 98 years.

Join us tomorrow to see how you can benefit from this worldwide program. We welcome gusts who join us at our venue or online. Email us for the Zoom link.