Transformers is a-rockin' and a-rollin'

Transformers speakers cannot be stopped.

Winning the Humorous Speaking Contest was just an apatite-wetter for Matthys Meintjes. He went on to win against the champions of four other Area to be crowned Division H Champion of Humorous Speaking 2012 (this is an unofficial title, but he is a champion nonetheless) on Wednesday evening, 10 October 2012. On Saturday he will face up against the champions of the other Divisions in District 74 to determine who is the best humorous speaker is District 2012.

Veteran Toastmaster, Rod Taylor DTM (several times over), continued the winning streak for Transformers. Impromptu speaking is often a matter of luck: the speaker is given a word or phrase as he or she arrives at the lectern and has less than 30 seconds to begin speaking. If the word or phrase triggers a thought and the bones of speech presents itself in the speaker’s mind, he or she must develop this thought into a speech with opening, body and conclusion as they launch into what he or she hopes is a powerful opening. Being a seasoned veteran, Rod had no difficulty winning the Impromptu Speaking Contest at club level. He then wiped the floor at the Area Contest and on Wednesday showed his mettle when he came first in the Division H Impromptu Speaking Contest. He too is on his way to Cape Town and the annual Toastmasters Mini-Conference to square up against the best from the other Divisions in District 74.

The club is firmly behind our champions and we expect to do well in the District Contests.