Pushing Buttons

Transformers Toastmasters discussed pushing buttons on Monday, 9 September. This was the theme of the evening. A leader will push buttons that motivates his or her followers, that tie in with their dreams, aspirations and goals and in pushing these buttons propel his followers to excel. There is also the negative connotations that people have buttons that cause irritation. These buttons can be pushed by strangers because their behaviour is inconsistent with our values or by loved ones who know us very well. Toastmaster of the evening, Chamu M’Kombe, prepared fabulous material to motivate us as Toastmasters and as South Africans to push buttons that will encourage our fellows to excellence. – Please chat with him about this when you next visit our club as he is very enthusiastic on making a difference.

The evening’s programme was run a little differently: the contestants for the Humorous Contest had both been ill at our last meeting and at this meeting only Judith Taylor was able to make it. John-Peter Gernaat educated the members on judging a contest, comparing judging and evaluating, and after Judith presented her contest speech entitled “Giving Birth” we all provided feedback to her in accordance with the judging criteria to assist her in her preparation for representing the club at the Area Contest on 23 September.

The programme had only one prepared speech by visiting Toastmaster and Area Governor Dineshrie Pillay who informed us of her investigation into role of a Day Chairman at a Toastmasters conference as a project from the Advances Speaker series of manuals. Her enthusiasm was catching and her findings were based on her own experimentation at other industry conferences. Expect to see Dineshrie on stage soon as the dynamic Day Chairman of a Toastmasters conference.

Zanele, a guest, giving her award winning impromptu speechThe Impromptu speeches lead by Table Topics Master Judith Taylor were all related to the speaker having his or her buttons pushed in specified circumstances; e.g. in the traffic, by loved one or at work. The speeches entertained us thoroughly.

The evaluators’ reports: evaluation of Dineshrie’s speech, the um-counter, grammarian and general evaluator, were followed by a discussion on how to inspire you, the reader of this report, to attend one of our meeting. You are always welcome to attend any of our club meetings including the meeting on Monday, 23 September when we host the Area Contests and hear the best speakers from the clubs in our Area compete with one another to find the speaker who represents our Area in each of the Humorous and Impromptu Contests at Division level. Arrive at the Morningside Country Club at 18h45 and make you way to the main club house on 23 September or to the tennis pavilion on any other 2nd or 4th Monday of the month. There is no obligation or fee to be a guest at one of our meetings, and we serve snacks!