Flying into 2015

The first half of the Toastmasters 2014/2015 year has come to a fabulous end, especially for the Transformers Toastmasters. We celebrated our last meeting on Monday 8 December 2014 with the theme “Flying into 2015”.

FLYING – The ability to move through the air with some kind of support.

To fly is a verb, which for the evening of 8/12 was linked to the concepts of freedom and courage…

“The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage”


Our VP Membership – John Peter Gernaat – decorated the meeting room with festive Christmas party decorations as well as some promising Christmas crackers that encouraged a happy and fun meeting.

The flying line up of a first time speaker, experienced speakers, evaluators and key leadership roles gave flavor and perspective. Topics in perseverance and the human colonisation of Mars, an interpretive reading piece entitled “Any Given Sunday” and a facilitated discussion on “Prioritising to ignite our Toastmasters passion” gave insight into the benefits the Toastmasters organisation provides.

A visiting Toastmaster and long standing friend of the Club, presented and educational from the Better Speaker Series that reminded us of the key elements that can change a speech from good to GREAT!


The Table Topics section lead by Chamu M’Kombe was thought provoking with each speaker taking the opportunity to tell us what the future holds given a certain scenario. The benefits of speaking impromptu (ie unprepared/ off the cuff) are endless and with each meeting it is fantastic to hear what the speakers come up with.

The Evaluators and the Grammarian took to the stage with style and tact as they carefully provided suggestions for improvements, gave credit for significant achievement and rounded it off with great encouragement!

The word of the day – JUXTAPOSE – still has me thinking…

Toastmasters and guests, may all of us, in 2015, experience the art of flying… TO LEARN HOW TO TRHOW OURSELF AT THE GROUND AND MISS…

Toastmasters – Where leaders are made