Area H4 International prepared & Evaluation Contests and upcoming Division H Contests

The Area H4 Toastmasters, governed by the remarkable Coralie Rutherford, hosted their International & Evaluation Contest on Tuesday 14 April 2015.

It was an exceptionally well arranged and hosted evening by Club CommunIQate that ensured a seamless evening amidst the ever present load-shedding schedules. Thank you to Ricardo and his team 

The standard of the speakers, both in the International prepared and Evaluation contest was absolutely MAGNIFICENT!! Well done again to each participant that brought their A-game to the contest!















The results:

The Division H Contest is taking place on Wednesday 13 May.

Each and every member & guest from the clubs in Area H4 is invited to come and support the winners of Area H4 (see results above):
 Venue: Accenture – Building 19 – Harrowdene Office Park – Kelvin Drive
 Time: 18:30 for 18:45
 Cost: R45 p/p or R160 for group of four attendees
 Payment in cash only

Everyone is welcome at the Division Contest to hear the best speakers in the Division.