To the Toastmasters of Transformers and to all the future guests and all visitors to the Transformers Toastmasters Club:

Like spotting Africa in the foam of a great coffee, let’s grow through making the little things count!

The 2015/2016 Toastmasters Year has officially begun! Whoop! Whoop!

I am taking up the role as President for the year and I am very excited to learn a lot more about the essence of leadership. Through leading the Club, I intend on making every effort to lead our Club to be a President’s Distinguished Club. One of the most desired titles a Club can achieve.

Our club is one of a kind and I am very proud to be associated with the Transformers Toastmasters Club. Our Club experienced magnificent success in the 2014/2015 year and I am convinced that we will achieve and exceed those successes… Like they say… Always aim higher!!

I am a keen follower of the leadership inspiration published by Robin Sharma. A recent email entitled “The Last Days of Average” immediately got my attention. In his mail, Robin endeavours to make a distinction between those who operate at average and those who have the guts and acumen to aim for ICONIC. I want to highlight two distinctions he made:

  1. “Average performers resign themselves to mediocrity, thinking that the elite are somehow smarter, faster and cut from a different cloth. I call this The Myth of Genius. Don’t buy into it. ICONIC producers have a different perception. They get that genius and legendary is not the result of divinely-orchestrated talent. Nope. It’s a lot more about focus, discipline, sacrifice, suffering, stamina and ridiculous amounts of hard work. They get that rising to world-class is never easy. But it’s always worth it.
  2. Average performers stop when they’re scared. ICONIC producers press ahead when stricken by fear, understanding that persistence is the DNA of becoming a game-changer. And that bravery is the result of practice versus a natural gift.

I like to think of myself as ICONIC, but sometimes find myself not putting in enough time to make sure I become ICONIC. So, like me, I truly hope that all of us will make the time or take the time to work on becoming ICONIC through the opportunity the Toastmasters platform offers.

The newly elected Transformers Toastmasters Club Committee has a challenging yet rewarding task ahead. One of the goals of the Committee is to serve the Club. In the same way I want to encourage the Club members to take an interest in the tasks of the Committee and support the Committee with ideas to ensure our Club meetings remain fresh and interesting.

So, let the games begin at the Transformers Toastmasters

     -   Where Leaders are made