Ever since I became a member of Toastmasters International, I always admired the President. No matter which club I visited, the President was the first person I felt made an impact on the members and guests at the meeting as well as influence the meeting as a whole. I was secretly thinking that these individuals had some kind of magic power that was bestowed on them from somewhere… Secretly I wished that this magic power will be bestowed on me some time in the future…

5 years later… I was voted in as President of the Transformers Toastmasters Club for the 2015/2016 Toastmasters Year.

  • I soon realised that there was no magic power…
  • I soon realised that the magic power was not going to be passed on to me through a hand shake from the outgoing President.

The congratulatory messages soon faded into the background and the wonder of the opportunity & challenges ahead filled me with excitement.

I soon realised that the magic power was going to be realised from:

  • My very own personal experience as a Toastmaster
  • The establised and experienced club members & club officers on the Committee
  • The goals each member sets out to achieve
  • The excitement to break-the-ice by brand new members
  • The satisfaction of working together towards success

The Transformers Toastmasters Club achieved great success in 2015/2016. At our very last meeting in June 2016 we achieved the prestiguous President’s Distinguished club status. A remarkable achievement making a bold statement about the quality of our club and the quality of our members.

I had the great priviledge to serve alongside each member of the Transformers Toastmasters Club and I had the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants. The club will continue ever stronger in the new Toastmasters year under new leadership. I will ensure that I play an active role as Immediate Past President and member.

I take my place as Immediate Past President and I take on a new challenge as Area Director in District 74.

I look forward to the success of Transformers Toastmasters Club in 2016/2017 and end of my year as President with my favourite quote from Jim Rohn:

“Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.”

Only at the Toastmasters – Where Leaders Are Made