Survivor Contest

The Transformers Survivor Contest

This unique annual contest gives speakers an opportunity to draw on their creativity, experience and their ability to think quickly and coherently on their feet.

The first round is open to all participants, who must speak for a maximum of five minutes to a variety of five images.These images have been randomly selected to be in-line with the contest theme.

The second round is for the ten best speakers from the first round, who will then speak to a variety of five objects.

The third and final round is for the top five contestants who will be given a common speech title for the battle for First Place!

The event not only has offers this exciting, fast-paced contest but also refreshments, lucky draws and the opportunity to network and socialise with great people.

Watch this space for details on this year’s contest and SAVE THE DATE as this is an evening hosted by Transformers Toastmasters that should not be missed!