Of pirates, Franks, and inventing the wheel

A nostalgic return to the past occurred this evening when Keith, our Toastmaster for the evening, asked all speakers to tell us what time in history they would like to go back to...
Transformers Toastmasters
In full control of the impromptus
Mary chose to return to the early pirate years when female Irish pirate Grace O'Malley was harassing Spanish ships as they sailed by..Glenice chose to follow her family roots and return to the days of Anne Frank, whilst Ryan chose to return to the Jurassic period to see a dinosaur..The best return of the evening came from Simon who decided he wanted to go back in time to when the wheel was discovered...he said he'd just like to see the look on that individual's face!
Glenice and Ryan then took up the speakers session with speeches on Commitee meetings and First time cooking dilemmas respectively, whilst Rod, as always, handled the Impromptu session with aplomb.

Glenice swept both the most improved speaker and evaluation awards, Keith the best contribution, and Mary the Impromptu.

Our next meeting takes place on the 11th of August, whilst our humorous speech contest is on the 25th.

As always guests and visitors welcome!