Iron Maiden and the Fiscal Jangle

Transformers Toastmasters
Cheryl-Lynn's monetary idioms
On the eve of Halloween, Rod's word of the evening - Jangle - provided the ideal backdrop for scary monsters and fiscal discipline...
It refers to a metallic sound, or to set ones nerves on edge, but whilst there may have been plenty of economic referrals during Cheryl-Lynn's impromptu session, there were only nerves of steel, or rather iron, during the speeches.

Ruth got the CC's off to a splendid start, with her CC2 story about her recent elephant ride in the Pilansberg. Describing her climb on to its back and the feel of its skin, she made it clear that whilst the worlds largest land mammal may well have been a hairy monster, it was certainly not as scary as originally envisaged.
Rod took the stage with his CC2 and an excellent story of his climb through ice and snow, and how an avalanche nearly ended the lives of a climbing party nearby. His use of adjectives and humour was an example for all to follow.
True to form Mary was an iron pillar of strength as she powered her way through her speech - Iron Lady - on how important blood donations can be to the lives of others. Her discussion on managing the effects of Hemochromatosis (too much iron in the blood) was both enthralling and a lesson for all.

Once again Cheryl-Lynn provided an outstanding theme in her impromptu/table topics session when she asked participants to talk about financially related idioms.
Whilst most were only to happy to break out of the economic stranglehold and explain why spending in these uncertain times was actually a great idea, it was Keith who managed to steal the show, and the title, and walk away with top honours.
He also took home the award for best evaluator for his evaluation of Mary, whilst Mary in turn took the awards for most improved speaker and best speaker of the evening.
With a performance like that, there can be no doubt that we have a president with nerves of steel...Trick, or Treat?

Join us for our next meeting on the 10th of November.
Guests and visitors welcome!

The T-Shirt Ice-Breaker

Transformers Toastmasters
Glenice leading the way
Any good Toastmaster will tell you - Opening, three points, close.
But great Toastmasters know just how to keep the theme of those points consistent, and seemlessly link them together.
Which is exactly what Ruth did in Monday evening's meeting as she tackled her CC1 again, and linked all three points by cleverly referring to T-Shirts that had meant something to her before.
She's clearly done this before (!), but produced an outstanding speech either way.
Rod was on form with both his speech and his impromptu, taking home the table topics title which required participants to creatively link their given line to a broadway musical.
The word of the evening - Rigmarole - was used effectively by 4 speakers, whilst Glenice provided much needed insight into Pink Floyd and their walls!

Join us again on the 27th for our next club meeting.

Guests & visitors welcome!

Party to Ecolibrium

Transformers Toastmasters
Richard takes on the table topics
Monday's meeting saw the "Green Party" taking control of the evenings events and environmental issues being brought to the fore.
The word of the evening "Ecolibrium" - as yet still a 'concept' word (and thus, "a word in progress", was put to good use, on more than one occasion by the toastmaster of the evening Ruth.
Mary then stepped up to take us through her early years in College and IT, whilst Rod provided some great insights into understanding presentations.
Glenice's Table Topics took on the air of an awards ceremony, and participants were asked to describe the race/event/other they had just won, and what it meant to them!
Our guest Tsepo managed top honours by taking the impromptu title.

Area H2 governor Richard Riche was in attendance, and provided some insight into the Area and it's upcoming events.

Join us for our next meeting - the Area H2 Contest at the Wendywood Sports Club on the 29th or our club meeting on the 13th of October.

As always, guests and visitors welcome!

Sometimes second place, means total annihilation

Transformers Toastmasters
Paul's grammatical round-up
Last nights Transformers meeting brought together a wealth of presentation skills as 3 speakers, Simon, Keith and Ruth dimmed the lights and powered on their laptops for three enlightening and powerful presentations.

Simon was first up with his CC3, and there was little show of nerves as he powered us through a presentation on retirement..
Procrastination, Myopia and Inertia topped the list of reasons why South Africans may not be investing as much as they should. He will be giving the full presentation later in the week, and it will no doubt be just as powerful.

Our guest speaker Paul Smith then took to the stage with his CC6, showing excellent vocal variety skills with a speech entitled McClelland's need to achieve. It was another high powered speech that kept the audience enthralled, all the way from Malaysia, to Japan, and back down to South Africa.

Keith used the projector to good effect as he took us through the ancient wars waged between the Romans and the Carthegians. He also produced one of the standout lines of the evening in describing Carthage's second place - "Sometimes second place, means total annihilation!"

After recess Ruth handled the Educational session with aplomb, giving valuable evaluation tips to all. Every slide provided vital information, leaving everyone with something to ponder for future speeches and evaluations.
Transformers Toastmasters
The power of presentations

There was ample challenge provided in the Impromptu session and whilst everyone managed to find something good to say about the place they were from (which included such exotic locations as Mt Kilimanjaro and the Marianas Trench) it was Keith who took the prize. His story on being a "flowering resident" of the Kirstenbosch gardens quite simply hit the mark!

Ruth took home the prize for best contribution for her educational session, Mary the best evaluator award, and Simon the most improved speaker.

Join us on the 22nd of September for our next meeting.

Guests and visitors welcome!