First Meeting 2009

Join us on the 26th of January for our first club meeting of 2009!

Transformers Christmas Wish

Transformers wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a host of excellent after dinner speeches!
Join us on the 19th of January for our first club meeting of 2009.
Travel safe and happy new year.

Sherlock Holmes discovers two speakers in the making

Transformers Toastmasters
Nolwazi & Lerato welcomed
With Keith Bowen taking the stage as Toastmaster, and Sherlock Holmes being the topic for the evening, the Word of the Evening couldn't be anything other than "elementary". You might say this word described last night's meeting as both speakers presented their Icebreakers, and acquitted themselves extremely well in the process!

Our president, Mary, inducted two of our newest members, Lerato and Nolwazi, just so they really felt they belonged before they presented their CC1 speeches. Lerato told us all about her and her bossy three-year-old son and Nolwazi gave a different slant to the usual icebreaker in telling us of the three women who'd had most influence on her life.

During Table Topics Mary led us in creating the Transformers version of "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" - I'm sure if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had heard it, he would have turned in his grave. To this minute, we're still not sure what exactly was in those two sacks… and did the blue carbuncle refer to an abscess or a gemstone???

Keith walked off with the Best Contribution award - no small wonder!!!

Join us for our last meeting of the year on Monday 8 December.
Our end-of-year bash will be held on Saturday 13 December - rumour has it this will be quite a party so don't miss out!

Mike night and the sinister man

Transformers Toastmasters
Rod educates on mic's
A brilliant educational session was conducted by Rod yesterday evening when he took us through microphones and their use during presentations and speeches. Starting off with the reasons for them, the physics behind them, and the many varieties there are, it was the perfect information for those of us who may not have been aware of how important these instruments can be - or how crucial it is to set them up correctly. Everything from appropriate clothing to poppers and whistlers was discussed, along with a smattering of past stories and anecdotes on microphone mixups. He ended it with giving everyone a chance to try out the lavalier microphone, which allowed participants to test their vocal varieties through the speakers! A priceless session in my book.

Rods speech earlier in the evening was also a great a reminder of how the simplest of stories are often far more successful in keeping an audience engaged, than their complex cousins.
His dark and stormy night, with the light in the abandoned house and sinister visitor provided the ideal backdrop for the rainy weather in Gauteng.. And could we repeat the story, he asked? Absolutely.

Keith preceded him with his advanced speech on kings and Catholics in the 17th century. He provided some fascinating historical information of this time, including a multitude of facts and figures to boot.

Toastmaster Mary took us through the Oval office, amongst other places, in the White House. And of course posed the obvious question - where will Obama find place for his Basketball court?

Join us for our next meeting on the 24th.
As always guests and visitors welcome!