Induction of the new club committee

The club committee for the Toastmasters year 2022/23 is being inducted on Monday, 11 July 2022 at 18h15 and you are invited.

Slow Down to Speed Up

Our club has just achieved the highest level of achievement that a club can in the period of a Toastmaster year (1 Jul to 30 Jun). We are a Presidents Distinguished club with 10 of the 10 goals met.

What do these goals mean for our members? These goals have been shown over many years to be the best indicators that a club is offering value to its members.

If you want your life to be different to what it currently is, there are 3 key things Toastmasters offers: confidence, communication skills and leadership skills. They are learned through practical application (not theoretical). Visit a club that offers these and offers value to its members.


Our Youth. Our Resilience.

It is Youth Month (in South Africa) and Youth Day comes up this week.

Are you starting out in life?

Do you need to boost self-confidence?

Learn the one skill that is transferable to every industry: communication.

Toastmasters has been successful for 98 years helping people from 18 years old acquire this most valuable skill. We learn one project at a time following a Pathway towards developing competencies for our career.

Come and have an enjoyable evening with us.

Learn about us and from us.

We have coffee and a roaring fire.

Or contact us for the Zoom link.

Triumph with presentation, communication and feedback skills


Transformers Toastmasters Club events are fun, rewarding, skill-building events.

Wish to improve communication skills to crush it at work? Pay us a visit.

Need presentation skills to become the authority in your field? Pay us a visit.

Losing respect when you give feedback to peers and others? Pay us a visit.

Everyone is welcome to visit us to experience what Toastmasters develop in a safe, transformative environment (we even offer coffee).