Humorous Speech Contest - An amalgamation of minds

An amalgamation of minds took place at the Wendywood sports club last night when Transformers teamed up with Golden Gavel Advanced Toastmasters Club! The occasion was each club's humorous speaking contest, and the combination worked wonders with both speakers and guests being treated to an evening of fun, laughter and good food.
Greg Callaway chaired the contest and did a fantastic job of keeping the audience engaged and everyone on their toes.

Golden Gavel then took to the stage with Jacques de Villiers providing humorous insights from his family's past, and Barbara Poultney providing humorous insights into the games she used to play. Mary headed up the Transformers team by enlightening us with the mishaps and strange goings on behind the scenes at the Beijing Olympics, whilst Ryan discussed the intricacies of avoiding a biodegradable relationship. Glenice's marketing skills came to the fore as she explained how business marketing strategies could be used in building relationships, whilst Jerry let his hair down, amongst other things, to keep the audience gasping and in stitches. His take on the plight of illegal immigrants was a twist that kept everyone engaged!

Jacques and Ryan now progress to the Area H2 contest, to be held on the 29th of September at the Wendywood Sports Club.

Many thanks must go to the Golden Gavel team for putting on a fantastic evening - no effort was spared in ensuring that all went according to plan. This included the organising of judges and timekeepers, the venue, the food and the raffle. A special thanks also to Sandton Toastmasters for joining and assisting us.

Join us for our next meeting on the 8th of September.

As always, guests & visitors are welcome!


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An Avaricious appetite for Mojitos

If you think we're being greedy with our're right.
Clarence has made a decided break in the race for the "Word of the Year", with "Avaricious" being last nights word of the evening. It means to be greedy, and could be used in such contexts as: "Our politicians had an avaricious appetite in the arms deal"...

Transformers Toastmasters
Jerry accepts Keiths Impromptu challenge
As for Mojitos, well, Simon enlightened us with this gem during his entertaining CC2 speech. It's an alcoholic beverage and once again some excellent story telling abilities came to the fore. Such was the enthusiasm from the audience that we may need to add it to our drinks list at the next meeting..
Ruth took us down memory lane with her rendition of Princess Di's "Response to Landmines" speech from 1997. There is clearly no end to the love and respect the world has for this icon.

Keith then took charge of the Table Topics session, and provided ample challenge to those taking part. Clearly the Masters of Toastmasters Rod, Mary and Jerry were not going to be outdone, with Mary eventually taking the title.

Mary also took home the best contribution, Simon the most improved speaker and Keith the best evaluator award.

For those with an avaricious appetite for humour, our humorous speech contest takes place on the 25th of August..
It will be held in conjunction with Golden Gavel Advanced Toastmasters at the Wendywood Club.

So bring your friends, bring your family, you may even bring your boss - just make sure he's had a few Mojitos, beforehand.

Of pirates, Franks, and inventing the wheel

A nostalgic return to the past occurred this evening when Keith, our Toastmaster for the evening, asked all speakers to tell us what time in history they would like to go back to...
Transformers Toastmasters
In full control of the impromptus
Mary chose to return to the early pirate years when female Irish pirate Grace O'Malley was harassing Spanish ships as they sailed by..Glenice chose to follow her family roots and return to the days of Anne Frank, whilst Ryan chose to return to the Jurassic period to see a dinosaur..The best return of the evening came from Simon who decided he wanted to go back in time to when the wheel was discovered...he said he'd just like to see the look on that individual's face!
Glenice and Ryan then took up the speakers session with speeches on Commitee meetings and First time cooking dilemmas respectively, whilst Rod, as always, handled the Impromptu session with aplomb.

Glenice swept both the most improved speaker and evaluation awards, Keith the best contribution, and Mary the Impromptu.

Our next meeting takes place on the 11th of August, whilst our humorous speech contest is on the 25th.

As always guests and visitors welcome!