Our member wins the Division H International Speaking Contest


Zahndri Walker wins the Division H International Speech Contest in 2022. This is a huge achievement. The next step is that Zahndri will participate in the District 74 International Speech Contest in which 12 countries of Southern Africa participate. We are all rooting for Zahdri on Saturday, 7 May 2022.


Celebrating our 850th meeting

The events of the last two years did not allow us to celebrate our 40th anniversary or our 800th meeting.

Now you are all invited to celebrate with us as we reach another milestone: the 850th meeting.

We love contests. We are renowned for our Survivor Contest which is an impromptu speaking contest in 3 rounds.

Now we are adding friendship dating to our collection. Who will be the friend that everyone wishes to have at their house or at their event? What skills are required to be a desirable friend? We think that Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Strategic Leadership, Management and Confidence are important skills.

Come and see if we are correct and what you can learn in the process.

Guests are always made welcome and our club is a warm, hospitable place with a safe and supportive atmosphere to engender learning new skills.

Why Toastmasters?


Toastmasters International is fast approaching its 100th anniversary.

Why is such an ancient organisation still around?

Toastmasters still offers value to its members. The Educational Program keeps up to date with the needs of people in their everyday life. This includes their work life and their business life.

Toastmasters helps people win in every area of life. You could be a Toastmaster too.

We love having guests at our club events and we offer coffee. Our events are about 2 hours in duration and offer distinct learning segments.

March forward

Already two month of the year have gone.

It is almost March and it may be a time to reflect on goals and "New Year's Resolutions". Are you where you planned to be? Are you ready to March Forward?

If you are missing skills, we could help. The Toastmasters Educational Program packages skills into 11 clear Pathways, each offering you a clear direction.

We welcome walk-in guests. There is always coffee and sometimes a bite to eat.