It's Valentine's Day: Love Speaking

As Toastmasters we know that lasting relationships are built on good communication. So, when our regular club meeting falls on Valentine's Day we still hold out club meeting.

We always welcome guests and would love you to join us (with your Valentine) to learn more about the Toastmasters Education Program and how it develops great communication skills.

There are five 7-minute prepared speeches on the agenda, a session of 2-minute impromptu speeches that you are welcome to participate in, and you will hear how peer evaluations of the prepared speeches benefit the members.

First things first

This is our 846th club meeting. We have been helping our members gain communication skills for over 40 years. Maybe you will be the next person to join our long tradition.


Back to School

Have you ever felt frustrated when no one seems to get your brilliant ideas?
Your ideal may well be brilliant, but it could be that your communication is not.
Make 2022 the year to get that right.
Toastmasters has helped people like you get their message across powerfully for 98 years.

The Art of Speaking

The "art of speaking" may be the most important skill you acquire in life. You can take it with you into every situation. Why not join us and assess for yourself?