Ever since I became a member of Toastmasters International, I always admired the President. No matter which club I visited, the President was the first person I felt made an impact on the members and guests at the meeting as well as influence the meeting as a whole. I was secretly thinking that these individuals had some kind of magic power that was bestowed on them from somewhere… Secretly I wished that this magic power will be bestowed on me some time in the future…

5 years later… I was voted in as President of the Transformers Toastmasters Club for the 2015/2016 Toastmasters Year.

  • I soon realised that there was no magic power…
  • I soon realised that the magic power was not going to be passed on to me through a hand shake from the outgoing President.

The congratulatory messages soon faded into the background and the wonder of the opportunity & challenges ahead filled me with excitement.

I soon realised that the magic power was going to be realised from:

  • My very own personal experience as a Toastmaster
  • The establised and experienced club members & club officers on the Committee
  • The goals each member sets out to achieve
  • The excitement to break-the-ice by brand new members
  • The satisfaction of working together towards success

The Transformers Toastmasters Club achieved great success in 2015/2016. At our very last meeting in June 2016 we achieved the prestiguous President’s Distinguished club status. A remarkable achievement making a bold statement about the quality of our club and the quality of our members.

I had the great priviledge to serve alongside each member of the Transformers Toastmasters Club and I had the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants. The club will continue ever stronger in the new Toastmasters year under new leadership. I will ensure that I play an active role as Immediate Past President and member.

I take my place as Immediate Past President and I take on a new challenge as Area Director in District 74.

I look forward to the success of Transformers Toastmasters Club in 2016/2017 and end of my year as President with my favourite quote from Jim Rohn:

“Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.”

Only at the Toastmasters – Where Leaders Are Made









Speakathon - March 2016

Speakathon - March 2016






















You are invited to Survivor 2015

This is the premier event of Transformers Toastmasters Club since 2009. The title of Transformers Survivor is highly cherished throughout Toastmasters Gauteng. The first 16 applications to compete will be accepted. RSVP early. The audience votes for the survivors in each of three rounds. The audience had more fun than the contestants. Be there or loose out.

Amish Implements

What can be learned from adversity? How to think like a champion! The history of the mobile phone. Motivating people through an evaluation and Amish implements were the lessons of the event held on Monday, 28 September.

Three superb prepared speeches from three different Toastmasters Advanced Speaking Manuals provided the basis for an enjoyable Chamuevening. Chamu shared his personal experiences as an engineering student on one of our mines in the dark past of our country, but did a wonderful job of twisting the indignities meted out on him into advantages that served him going forward. Njabulo went all out to inspire us to accept that we are champions. He recited the speech given by Mohammed Ali at the weigh in before the “rumble in the jungle” with such authenticity one could imagine Ali himself in the room. John-Peter shared the development of communication from the time when a call from a payphone once a month would suffice to the introduction of the big “brick” Njabulomobile phone through to the smart phone where we are communicating with someone almost every minute of the day, whether on a chat service or social media.

First-time Table Topics Master, Tarryn, asked six volunteers to describe the use of an Amish hand implement from a picture. Our male speakers added an element of body-building into the use of the implements they described. I guess Njabulo’s speech had an influence here. Judith described an ice cutter for cutting large block of ice for cold storage which she Table Topics speakers (in order)though ploughed furrows; Keith described a hand drill as a clothes mangle or press; Mary was fairly spot on with a multi-tool; Rick described a hand cranked paper shredder as a spaghetti making tool; Tanye described a pot-pie holder as a picnic basket and finally Zahndri thought a wooden yarn swift would develop muscular arms.

Inducting NjabuloOur Toastmasters of the Evening (the MC), Jason did a fabulous job sharing with us ideas on sustainable living as he led us from one segment of the programme to the next; this being his first time in the role. We inducted Njabulo into our club. The awards of the evening went to Mary as best speech evaluator, Tarryn as best contribution, Tanye as best Table Topic and Njabulo walked off with best speaker and most improved speaker.The awards of the evening (in order)

On Wednesday, 30 September Zahndri represents our club and Area in the Division H Table Topics contest to be held at The Campus in Bryanston at 18h30 (Mandela Room in the Wanderers Building). Everyone is welcome.

Our next club event will take place on Monday, 12 October and all guests are welcome. Just arrive at 18h45 and come and find out what we are all about. We also look forward in anticipation to our annual special event, our Survivor evening on Monday, 26 October. This is an interclub event to find the speaking survivor of the evening in three rounds of impromptu speeches. You may book your seat in advance.