Transformers Survivor 2020

What is Survivor Transformers Toastmasters style?

Survivor is a competition in three rounds with four tribes and one winner. The competition revolves around impromptu storytelling – the kind of stories you would expect to hear at a fireside.

Round 1 pits 16 speakers, 4 from each tribe, randomly against each other to see who can tell the best story when presented with a number of images (projected on screen, with a prompt monitor for the speaker) so that the images blend into the narrative of the story.

Round 2 sees 6 surviving speakers and an immunity winner develop stories using real objects.

Round 3 has only 2 survivors and an immunity winner build their final stories of intrigue with a map, a city and a clue.

Tribes consist of 8 tribe members each, 4 speakers and each speaker brings a sponsor. The Tribes will be randomly selected from the registration forms. Once the Tribes have been announced the members of each Tribe may whatever they choose to create a tribal identity. The tribe will vote out their own speaker members in Tribal Council. When a speaker member is voted out, he/she will return to the audience and form part of the non-tribal voting quorum.

Before I continue; everyone is welcome to attend. We ask all Toastmasters clubs to enter. Enter by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Scan the QR-code in the image to make payment to join us.

Voting for round 1:

The entire audience, tribal members and non-tribal members will vote for the best speaker. This speaker gets immunity into round 2.

Each tribe then goes to Tribal Council (Break-away Room). At Tribal Council the sponsors may discuss the strategy for the secret vote (speakers must sit and listen). The secret vote is to vote out 2 speaker members (and their sponsors).

The 8 remaining speakers – 2 from each tribe – will be compared to the vote by the entire audience and the 2 lowest scoring speakers (and their sponsors) will be sent out.

This is how the 6 speakers and 1 immunity recipient will be selected for round 2.

Voting for round 2:

The tribes will (only the remaining speaker members and their sponsors) will each participate in a quiz in full view of the audience.

The tribe winning the quiz will select 1 speaker member to receive immunity into round 3. The tribe winning the quiz will choose which of the other 3 tribes they want to merge with. The other 2 tribes will merge by default.

The 2 merged tribes will go into their new Tribal Councils. The sponsors will again discuss the strategy for the secret vote. This time the secret vote is to vote for 1 speaker member to go to round 3.

This is how the 2 speakers and 1 immunity recipient will be selected for round 3.

Voting for round 3:

The original 8 members of each tribe will return to their original Tribal Councils and will vote for an ultimate survivor from the 3 round 3 speakers. The non-tribal audience will also vote for an ultimate survivor. The final vote will be read out and the ultimate survivor will be announced.

Model Agenda:

17h30 Registration

18h00 Opening of Survivor 2020 by the Transformers Club President

18h05 Hand over to the Survivor Host for Round 1

            Explanation of the competition, announcement of the Tribes and draw for speaking order

18h15 Round 1

19h05 Voting for Round 1 for immunity to Round 2

19h10 Recess

19h20 Tribal Council to vote out 2 speaker members per tribe

19h30 Announcing the speakers for Round 2

            Round 2

20h00 Immunity Quiz

20h15 Tribal Council to vote for Round 3 speakers in merged tribes

20h25 Announcing the speakers for Round 3

            Round 3

20h45 Tribal Council and audience voting

20h50 Recess

21h00 Reading of the votes and awarding the ultimate survivor and audience lucky draw.

21h15 Vote of thanks

21h20 On a Point by the Transformers Toastmasters President.

21h25 Close

Meet our new club committee

Club Committee 2020-21


Toastmasters International has asked club committees to adhere to local regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and to use their discretion whether the club will meet face to face or online.

Transformers has decided to meet online for the time being. The first online meeting will be held on Monday, 23rd March at 19h00. Please log in 10 minutes early to test technology.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request the access code to our meetings.

We continue to welcome guests and Toastmasters from other clubs at our meetings.

We look forward to vibrant online meetings where we will continue to support members in the Educational Program.

We have Contestants in the District Contests - everyone encouraged to attend

Toastmaster - Where leaders are made - helps members become proficient communicators and through communication and servant leadership helps members become leaders. However, Toastmasters also offers members who are competitive or want to become professional speakers a path through the contests that are held annually. Firstly, members compete against their fellow club members. Winners at club level participate in Area contests where the best of 4 to 6 clubs compete. Winners from the Area participate in Divisional contests where the best of 4 to 6 Areas compete. The winners of the 10 Divisions in District 74 (southern Africa) participate at the annual conference. The winner of the International Speaking Contest goes on to participate in Regional Competitions and the winners of these Regions (we fall into Region 11) participate at the International Convention to be crowned the best in the world.

District 74's annual conference - O.U.R. Con - is happening this weekend and we have a contestant in the Table Topics Contest and in the Evaluation Contest.

Zahndri won the Division H Evaluation Contest and came second in the Division H International Speaking Contest.

Zahndri receiving her certificate from the Division H Director, Audrey.

Michael won the Division H Table Topics Contest which means that he will deliver a 1-2 minute speech on a topic that he will receive as he walks up on stage this evening.

Michael receiving his winner's certificate from Audrey.

Everyone can attend the contests at O.U.R. Con:

The Table Topics Contest happens at 18h40 this evening, Thursday 16th May 2019.

The Evaluation Contest happens tomorrow, Friday 17th May 2019 at 12h00.

The International Speaking Contest happens on Saturday, 18th May 2019 at 14h15.

O.U.R. Con is held at the Thaba Eco Hotel in the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. To register to gain access to the contests go to