A new year - Induction Dinner

The start of the new Toastmasters year is celebrated by the installation of the new club committee and the Induction Dinner. Guests and visiting Toastmasters are most welcome (meal is à la carte and for own account).

Autumn Speak-A-Thon

A speak-a-thon evening is a great opportunity to hear a lot of speakers at a Toastmasters club. This gives a clear impression of the breadth of skill in the club and thereby the level of mentorship a new member can expect.

Guests always welcome.

The Future is Now

Meeting #758 on Monday, 12th February 2018 at 18h30.

Meet the Future. The Future is Now!

A whole new world of competency-based learning is opening up for you in Toastmasters. Ten real-life applicable competencies in which you prove proficiency make up the new Pathways Experience. The fundamental skills of communication and leadership are still included but tailored to the degree that they interest you personally.

We are dedicating one hour of the meeting on Monday to discover what this new Pathways Experience is really all about and how (and when) you can get started. Don’t be led up the garden path, come and find out the full story about Pathways from our Pathways Guide Stanley Sabela supported by our Pathways Ambassador Judith Taylor.

Guests always welcome.

More Than Meets the Eye


Like the Transformer AutoBots, there is more than meets the eye in each and everyone of us. There are dreams, desires and dreads.

As this new year starts…

  • what dreams will you decide to follow?
  • which desires will you decide to pursue?
  • how much more brave will you be to face some dreads?

Like the Transformer AutoBots, YOU are not alone at Transformers Toastmasters Club in your journey of learning and development in self-confidence, communication and leadership.

And YOU are not alone – we all know that there is more to YOU than meets the eye!

See you Monday night, 22nd January at 18h30 as we continue to TRANSFORM together and show the world that there is MORE TO US THAN MEETS THE EYE! Guests always welcome.