Area H4 International prepared & Evaluation Contests and upcoming Division H Contests

The Area H4 Toastmasters, governed by the remarkable Coralie Rutherford, hosted their International & Evaluation Contest on Tuesday 14 April 2015.

It was an exceptionally well arranged and hosted evening by Club CommunIQate that ensured a seamless evening amidst the ever present load-shedding schedules. Thank you to Ricardo and his team 

The standard of the speakers, both in the International prepared and Evaluation contest was absolutely MAGNIFICENT!! Well done again to each participant that brought their A-game to the contest!















The results:

The Division H Contest is taking place on Wednesday 13 May.

Each and every member & guest from the clubs in Area H4 is invited to come and support the winners of Area H4 (see results above):
 Venue: Accenture – Building 19 – Harrowdene Office Park – Kelvin Drive
 Time: 18:30 for 18:45
 Cost: R45 p/p or R160 for group of four attendees
 Payment in cash only

Everyone is welcome at the Division Contest to hear the best speakers in the Division.

"Wine & Cheese" themed meeting

The Transformers Toastmasters Club held a themed evening on Monday 13 April 2015 entitled “Wine & Cheese”. It was such a great evening and therefore a BIG THANK YOU to each member, guest and visitor that attended the meeting.
One of our newest members, Madeleine, delivered her Ice Breaker speech and it was fantastic to hear more about her background in Switzerland and how she has found a love for South Africa and particularly Johannesburg. Well done Madeleine!! You go sister!
Our very esteemed family members, Jason and Glen, each did their CC8 and the visual aids were smashing! Well done guys on incorporating visual aids effectively into your respective presentations and I am sure that you will take this learning curve forward into the future.
And then, ladies and gentlemen, two visiting toastmasters from other clubs, Dainfern and CIS Toastmasters respectively each delivered the final speech to complete their competent communicator journey. What a treat!! Well done ladies on sharing your triumph with the Transformers Toastmasters Club J!! Big HIGH FIVE to you both.
The legends John-Peter and Keith brought their experience to the night with JP demonstrated how to defuse (i.e. to make a situation less tense/ dangerous) criticism effortlessly. while Keith, on a lighter note, shared with us his wealth of knowledge and experience in wine tasting which he paired superbly with some very delicious cheeses (cheddar, brie, goat’s milk cheese, blue cheese and camembert). The tastes and aromas really brought something different to the evening which made it easy for everyone to participate in the process. Thank you Keith for being the WINE MASTER for the evening.
The raffle was well supported and congratulations to Mbuluma that won the grand raffle prize last night and to Chamu and Ferdie who each won a super cute Lindt chocolate bunny J.
It might have been a long evening, but it was great to see all the members, guests and visitors participating right up to the last minute. Therefore, again, a BIG THANK YOU to each – YOU ARE AWESOME!!
Here’s to planning the next themed evening at the Transformers Toastmasters Club ASAP J
14 APRIL: Area Contest at CommunIQate - IQ Business Toastmasters Club
27 APRIL: Club speak-a-thon for everyone wanting to complete speaking goals

Flying into 2015

The first half of the Toastmasters 2014/2015 year has come to a fabulous end, especially for the Transformers Toastmasters. We celebrated our last meeting on Monday 8 December 2014 with the theme “Flying into 2015”.

FLYING – The ability to move through the air with some kind of support.

To fly is a verb, which for the evening of 8/12 was linked to the concepts of freedom and courage…

“The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage”


Our VP Membership – John Peter Gernaat – decorated the meeting room with festive Christmas party decorations as well as some promising Christmas crackers that encouraged a happy and fun meeting.

The flying line up of a first time speaker, experienced speakers, evaluators and key leadership roles gave flavor and perspective. Topics in perseverance and the human colonisation of Mars, an interpretive reading piece entitled “Any Given Sunday” and a facilitated discussion on “Prioritising to ignite our Toastmasters passion” gave insight into the benefits the Toastmasters organisation provides.

A visiting Toastmaster and long standing friend of the Club, presented and educational from the Better Speaker Series that reminded us of the key elements that can change a speech from good to GREAT!


The Table Topics section lead by Chamu M’Kombe was thought provoking with each speaker taking the opportunity to tell us what the future holds given a certain scenario. The benefits of speaking impromptu (ie unprepared/ off the cuff) are endless and with each meeting it is fantastic to hear what the speakers come up with.

The Evaluators and the Grammarian took to the stage with style and tact as they carefully provided suggestions for improvements, gave credit for significant achievement and rounded it off with great encouragement!

The word of the day – JUXTAPOSE – still has me thinking…

Toastmasters and guests, may all of us, in 2015, experience the art of flying… TO LEARN HOW TO TRHOW OURSELF AT THE GROUND AND MISS…

Toastmasters – Where leaders are made


On 10 November 2014 the Transformers Toastmasters Club venerated (word of the evening to mean to celebrate) the 90th Anniversary of the Toastmasters International Organisation.


The Village People with their song “YMCA” provided the inspiration for the table decorations with the hats of each character – Construction Worker, Biker, Police Officer, Indian Tribe Chief (proudly worn by the President) and Cowboy. Gold confetti on the tables and colourful white, blue and red balloons gave the venue and upbeat atmosphere. The branding of the 90th Anniversary was prominently displayed and came in handy in the Table Topics turned Quiz section.

We had a healthy line up of great speakers that enlightened our guests, members and visiting toastmasters with topics on fashion and how one should dress to flatter our unique body shape, how the Drakensberg Mountains helped to assist in overcoming personal challenges, the facts about the rapid destruction of the humble CD through an increase in consumers of the digital age and a passionate delivery of poetry extracts carefully chosen to compliment the objectives of the CC6 project – Vocal Variety. Well done Rick!

Our in-house advanced speakers, each in their respective presentations, gave us insight and left us wanting more. Our Club President gave us some insight into the cultural challenges experienced in pursuit of gender equality and access to land and water. And then closing out the prepared speaking slot, interpretative reading which sounds far easier than it is, left us wanting to know more about that telephone call…
The highlight from the Table Topics turned Quiz section was when first time visitor – Luke Man – took first prize when he told us a story of how he “broke the ice” as an English teacher in a foreign country. I am convinced that there is no better way to turn a visitor into a member by giving them the opportunity to speak impromptu and as a bonus emerge as the best impromptu speaker for the evening!

Each evaluation, grammarian report and timekeeper’s report was on point and to the point.

We raised our glasses to the vision of Dr RC Smedley who brought forth a platform for the development of skills and the opportunity to improve confidence in public speaking.

Cheers to the next 90 years!

Toastmasters – Where leaders are made