Flying into 2015

The first half of the Toastmasters 2014/2015 year has come to a fabulous end, especially for the Transformers Toastmasters. We celebrated our last meeting on Monday 8 December 2014 with the theme “Flying into 2015”.

FLYING – The ability to move through the air with some kind of support.

To fly is a verb, which for the evening of 8/12 was linked to the concepts of freedom and courage…

“The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage”


Our VP Membership – John Peter Gernaat – decorated the meeting room with festive Christmas party decorations as well as some promising Christmas crackers that encouraged a happy and fun meeting.

The flying line up of a first time speaker, experienced speakers, evaluators and key leadership roles gave flavor and perspective. Topics in perseverance and the human colonisation of Mars, an interpretive reading piece entitled “Any Given Sunday” and a facilitated discussion on “Prioritising to ignite our Toastmasters passion” gave insight into the benefits the Toastmasters organisation provides.

A visiting Toastmaster and long standing friend of the Club, presented and educational from the Better Speaker Series that reminded us of the key elements that can change a speech from good to GREAT!


The Table Topics section lead by Chamu M’Kombe was thought provoking with each speaker taking the opportunity to tell us what the future holds given a certain scenario. The benefits of speaking impromptu (ie unprepared/ off the cuff) are endless and with each meeting it is fantastic to hear what the speakers come up with.

The Evaluators and the Grammarian took to the stage with style and tact as they carefully provided suggestions for improvements, gave credit for significant achievement and rounded it off with great encouragement!

The word of the day – JUXTAPOSE – still has me thinking…

Toastmasters and guests, may all of us, in 2015, experience the art of flying… TO LEARN HOW TO TRHOW OURSELF AT THE GROUND AND MISS…

Toastmasters – Where leaders are made


On 10 November 2014 the Transformers Toastmasters Club venerated (word of the evening to mean to celebrate) the 90th Anniversary of the Toastmasters International Organisation.


The Village People with their song “YMCA” provided the inspiration for the table decorations with the hats of each character – Construction Worker, Biker, Police Officer, Indian Tribe Chief (proudly worn by the President) and Cowboy. Gold confetti on the tables and colourful white, blue and red balloons gave the venue and upbeat atmosphere. The branding of the 90th Anniversary was prominently displayed and came in handy in the Table Topics turned Quiz section.

We had a healthy line up of great speakers that enlightened our guests, members and visiting toastmasters with topics on fashion and how one should dress to flatter our unique body shape, how the Drakensberg Mountains helped to assist in overcoming personal challenges, the facts about the rapid destruction of the humble CD through an increase in consumers of the digital age and a passionate delivery of poetry extracts carefully chosen to compliment the objectives of the CC6 project – Vocal Variety. Well done Rick!

Our in-house advanced speakers, each in their respective presentations, gave us insight and left us wanting more. Our Club President gave us some insight into the cultural challenges experienced in pursuit of gender equality and access to land and water. And then closing out the prepared speaking slot, interpretative reading which sounds far easier than it is, left us wanting to know more about that telephone call…
The highlight from the Table Topics turned Quiz section was when first time visitor – Luke Man – took first prize when he told us a story of how he “broke the ice” as an English teacher in a foreign country. I am convinced that there is no better way to turn a visitor into a member by giving them the opportunity to speak impromptu and as a bonus emerge as the best impromptu speaker for the evening!

Each evaluation, grammarian report and timekeeper’s report was on point and to the point.

We raised our glasses to the vision of Dr RC Smedley who brought forth a platform for the development of skills and the opportunity to improve confidence in public speaking.

Cheers to the next 90 years!

Toastmasters – Where leaders are made

2014 Humorous and Impromptu Speaking Contests

Transformers Toastmasters Club held their annual club Humorous and Impromptu Speaking Contests on Monday, 25th August. The meeting was well attended with eight visiting Toastmasters from clubs spread from the West Rand to the East Rand.

Zahndri Prinsloo won the Humorous Speaking Contest with a speech on the health benefits (and pleasures) of kissing. Giancarlo Fenderico came second this a speech in the misinterpretation of non-verbal and verbal communication between different cultures and languages.

The Impromptu Speaking Contest was won by a fairly new member, Ferdie Pretorius, with Mary Byrne second and Giancarlo third. The topic of the Impromptu Contest was about the coming of spring and a hare.

The next opportunity to hear Zahndri again is at the Area H4 Humorous and Impromptu Speaking Contests on Wednesday, 17th September at the Morningside Country Club at 18h30 in the main club house. There may be an entrance fee to cover costs. Come and find out how kissing can improve your health and your life and see how Zahndri fairs against the best from the other clubs in our Area.

Our next club meeting is on Monday, 8th September (the day after Zahndri’s birthday). This will be a regular club meeting with prepared speeches, impromptu speeches and evaluations of the prepared speeches. Guests are always welcome. There is no fee to attend as a guest and we offer snacks in our mi-meeting recess. Hope to see you.

Induction of the committee for 2014-15

On Monday, 14th July the club committee for 2014-15 was installed by our Area Governor, Coralie Rutherford. In a very special ceremony, Coralie reminded each of the club officers of their duties and presented them with a fridge Mmagnet, in the form of a letter, to remind them of the most important of these duties.

Our club meeting on the 14th July was held at Senza, a restaurant in the Petervale shopping centre with a cellar for functions. The cellar was very cosy with enough manoeuvre room for all our activities. Two prepared speeches as well as the address of the incoming club President, Judith Taylor, were presented. We enjoyed a very tasty meal and had a very pleasant evening.

Our next meeting is our annual Survivor evening. Any Toastmaster or non-Toastmaster who thinks he or she can OUT-SPEAK, OUT-PRESENT, and OUT-LAST the rest is welcome to enter this contest of rather unusual impromptu speeches. There will be three rounds and the audience votes for the best speeches. This means a lot of fun for the audience and contestants alike. The event is open to everyone. We will meet in the main club house of the Morningside Country Club at 18h30. Yes, slightly different venue and starting earlier. Come along and have fun with us.