Are you a colour?

When we understand ourselves and other people better it changes so much in our lives.

We communicate better. We relate better. We influence better.

Join us on Monday and discover together with everyone else how we can understand ourselves better and also understand others better using a simple tool.

Discover the power this gives you to achieve more in life.

We love having guests and we offer coffee.

Fly me to the moon

Spring is a great time to reinvent oneself.

Nature is starting afresh.

Life feels exciting.

Look at the dreams you have neglected.

It may just be the time to pick them up.

Visit Toastmasters and discover how many facets of life are transformed with improved communication and leadership.

We love having guests visit us and ask a lot of questions. We especially have a mid-event break with coffee and snacks to get to know our guests and to network.

Realise the Dream

Toastmaster International provides education in the form of short seminars that members present at their clubs. Toastmasters International provides the educational material and a set of sample slides. The member is further encouraged to research the subject and add to the slide deck. This means the member learns by doing and then presents the results of their efforts to the club.

On Monday our Vice President of Education will be presenting on the Commitment required to Achieve.

Guests are always welcome, both in person and on our Zoom link-up. Email, call or WhatsApp for more information.

Women leading from the front

August is "Woman's Month" in South Africa which celebrates the courage and leadership of women.

Once upon a time there was Toastmasters and Toastmistesses. Fortunately, this changed. Today there is one Toastmasters International organisation that sports women as International President and members of the Board. South Africa currently has a woman member on the international board who is standing for Second Vice President this month. Should she receive the vote, and she has the vote of our club, she will be the International President in two years' time.

We will have our own women members leading from the front on 8 August as our full lineup of speakers on that evening is women.

You are most welcome to pay us a visit that evening and spend two-and-a-half hours discovering the benefits our members appreciate in the Toastmasters Educational Program.

We have a fire burning in the hearth and snacks and coffee during our break.