Toastmasters learning is real!

I remember listening to Past International Director George Thomas, DTM at a District Conference in 2013 as he shared that the Toastmasters programme provides us with an opportunity to learn, unlearn and re-learn. As Program Quality Director, I have been directly responsible for club quality and member satisfaction. 

Having read many Area Director Club Visit Reports, Club Emissary Reports and also received personal feedback on different club meetings, I learnt that the clubs that stand out are the ones that have an identity, know the needs of their members and hold events that are consistent with their identity and the needs of their members. It helps to know why you joined Toastmasters so that you are correctly placed in a club that meets your needs and where you can add value to your fellow members so that they too can meet their personal and professional needs.

I also had the unique privilege this year of leading a team of change management agents for the new and ground-breaking Toastmasters educational program, Pathways. It was interesting to observe a trend were new and returning Toastmasters were very positive about this new programme while a significant number of current Toastmasters were resistant to unlearning how we have always approached our educational programme. Being unable to unlearn effectively can limit your opportunities in life.

In 2013, during my first time as a club officer, I learnt how real the challenges are that we encounter as leaders in Toastmasters. In some instances, we are exposed to more extreme circumstances given that there are no professional requirements to be a leader in Toastmasters. The demands and pressure that this role brought about were REAL and reminded me why I have stayed in Toastmasters and continued to serve on the leadership team. I learnt again that if you can survive the leadership demands and pressures in Toastmasters, you will survive many leadership assignments outside Toastmasters.

Toastmasters is the REAL deal! I am looking forward to learning, unlearning and relearning more effectively in my new role in the new year. 






Frank Tsuro, DTM