In our career we discover that there are two types of skills that we acquire. We learn skills that we cannot transfer from one company to the next. Often our career development is not linear and we find that we move into a different career with new skill sets.

Then there are skills that are transferable no matter what changes we make in our career. 

Communication skills and leadership skills are two of the most important transferable skills we can develop.

A toastmasters club is a supportive environment where these skills are developed as the core outcomes of the program. 

We have fun as we learn and develop. We help each other become the best versions of ourselves.

We always welcome guests to come and experience our way of learning and development.

Call, pop us a WhatsApp message or send an email and you will receive information and login details should you wish to join on Zoom.

See you soon!

We had a full room of people:

Installation meeting

The newly installed committee with the Area Director, Anthony Malungani (inset), officiating online. Our new Club President could not attend the induction meeting.

Each committee member presented their vision for the year. We enjoyed snack platters and bubbly.

Induction of the new club committee

The club committee for the Toastmasters year 2022/23 is being inducted on Monday, 11 July 2022 at 18h15 and you are invited.

Slow Down to Speed Up

Our club has just achieved the highest level of achievement that a club can in the period of a Toastmaster year (1 Jul to 30 Jun). We are a Presidents Distinguished club with 10 of the 10 goals met.

What do these goals mean for our members? These goals have been shown over many years to be the best indicators that a club is offering value to its members.

If you want your life to be different to what it currently is, there are 3 key things Toastmasters offers: confidence, communication skills and leadership skills. They are learned through practical application (not theoretical). Visit a club that offers these and offers value to its members.