An evening of humorous speeches

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An exceptional achievement - District 74 achieves President's Distinguished status, and so does our club

For the first time in more than twenty years the District we are a part of, District 74 (Toastmasters Southern Africa), has been awarded President's Distinguished status. This means that the highest level of excellence was achieved by clubs to the benefit of the Toastmaster members. As members of District 74 we are exceptionally proud of this achievement. Even more so because one of the members of the District Cabinet leading this achievement, Keith Bowen DTM, is a member of our club. Keith held the position of Program Quality Director, responsible for educational levels achieved in the District.

We are all proud of this achievement because it was made possible by every member making the conscious decision to meet their goals, completing assignments and growing as leaders and communicators. Transformers Toastmasters achieved President's Distinguished Club for the 5th year in succession.

District 74 now has 194 active clubs (of which 100 clubs were distinguished or better this year - also achieving excellence for their members) and some 3800 members. 

In the light of this success, the District Hall of Fame will be held in conjunction with the Induction dinner this coming Saturday evening, where Keith Bowen will be installed as the District Director for District 74. Please see the invitation below. The event is open to all Toastmasters and guests. Come celebrate with our District and our club.

Christmas in July














Our Club Meeting, this coming Monday evening, is a jam packed and we welcome guests. We have 6 speakers on our agenda ranging from the initial Toastmasters projects to the advanced Toastmasters projects. Our Toastmaster of the evening (competing in the club's Toastmaster of the Evening competition) is Judith Taylor and she will be exploring the concept of Christmas in July.

To add to the Christmas feeling we ask everyone, member and guest alike, to please wrap and bring along a gift of about R50 value, something you are re-gifting (please don’t go out to buy something new), preferably a unisex item and mark it M (specifically for men), F (specifically for women) or U (for anyone).

When you arrive your gift will receive a number: 1-10 for F; 11-20 for M and 21-30 for U. The equivalent number will be placed into a hat: 1-10, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 in one hat; 11-20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 in another hat. All women will draw from hat one and men from hat two ensuring no one has drawn their own number.

The gifts will be placed under a tree and will be drawn during Table Topics by our Santa Claus of the evening, Distinguished Toastmaster and District Director, Keith Bowen at which point everyone must open their gift and tell a story about the gift they have received in 1 to 2 minutes.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Installation of the new Club Committee

Everyone is welcome to join us for a very special dinner.

Toastmasters is a unique organisation in that on the 30th of June every year all leaders in the organisation step down from the leadership position they hold and new leaders take up these positions on the 1st of July.

As a club we have a tradition of installing the new club committee - the members who take up leadership roles as Club Officers - with a dinner. What is so special about the upcoming installation dinner is that we are very privileged to have the District Director - the highest office in our District - of District 74 -making up 9 countries of Southern Africa - as a member of our club and the leader who will be installing the new committee.

This dinner will take place at Panettone Café in the Petervale Shopping Centre, corner Cambridge Road and Frans Hals Street, Petervale at 18h45 on 10th July. There is no cost to attending the function but we will be ordering a meal off the menu and the cost of your meal and drinks is for your own account.

Besides the installation of the committee you will hear prepared speeches and be able to participate in Impromptu Speeches called Table Topics.

Save the date for 24th July when the club meets again with the theme "Christmas in July".